Collection: African Black Soap

Black Soap gets its name from the reference "soap the black people use" and has been a vital staple in the African home for thousands of years. Black soap benefits everyone, regardless of race, sex, or age. It has the highest content of Shea butter among all soaps, and promotes UV protection for your skin. These are only a few of the benefits black soap has to offer. If your skin is fair there are added benefits.

African people use black soap to rid the skin of various ailments. It is used for rashes, ring worm, measles, psoriasis, eczema, acne, chronic body odors, and cleansing. Black soap is excellent for sensitive skin. It reduces splotches and bumps, fades dark spots, shrinks and refines pores, and leaves the skin soft, smooth and supple. Black soap is commonly used as a shampoo to relieve and prevent itchy dry scalp and dandruff. It gives luster and shine to hair as it conditions, protects, strengthens and repairs. Black soap also makes the hair easier to style as it coats the hair shaft in a very fine shield of Shea butter, protecting hair from sun rays and environmental pollutions. There are a million 'good' soaps out there, but let's face it, none can lay claim to as many uses and benefits as African Black Soap!