Hi Omar!

I’m glad to hear from you and that you loved the treats! I have been sick with a sinus infection the last few days, but am feeling better today. Otherwise, all is well. Dad is in Florida as I write, enjoying some nice weather hopefully. He is visiting with his brother & sister-in-law, and then he will be travelling around part of the state with his new lady friend (who will be meeting up with him down there). I’m happy that he keeps busy and continues enjoying life.

Wow! It must be quite a job to move everything out (especially packing up all your beads). I continue to use the African Black soap. What a great product! It amazes me as to how such a small amount can create such lather.

Thank you for keeping in touch. I will say hello to dad for you when next I see him.

Take care!


Thanks Omar this is delightful Happy New Year to you as well Thanks for sending this lovely wish… We have taken your shea butter with is as we travelled all over Asia, and it has helped heal cracked feet and chapped skin. So, we think of you regularly, with appreciation

Gratefully Donna Snell


Hello Omar I received my order from you today. I really like the rings I got, and appreciate the extra ring you sent to me! I’ll be sure to recommend your great service,and unique products to my friends.Thank-You again, and all the best in your new location.

Steve Loyst
High Prairie, Alberta


My wife is interested in your selection of copper bracelets, she has tendonitis and was told by a friend that a copper bracelet he bought from you help him. We are sorry to hear your store is closed, and were wondering if there is any chance we could meet to see your selection of copper bracelets.
God Bless and have a good New Year

Rick and Julia


I wanted to tell you about the shea butter. I have a lot of cracking on the edges of my fingers and sometimes the knuckles on my fingers are so dry, they bleed. My dermatologist stated that it was a type of excema. That day I had a huge crack and a sore on one finger and it hadn’t healed for two or three days. I kept some shea butter in my purse and applied it to the sores throughout the day on Saturday. By the next day, it had completely healed. I was completely surprised. I’ve been using it everyday and I have no cracking or dryness on my hands.

Thank you for selling pure shea butter. I went ahead and ordered the largest size from your website. My kids’ lips get very chapped in the winter, and I applied it to the dry areas around their lips. Within two days of one application a day, their lips are no longer chapped. Thank you so much.

Lauris Joosten – U.S.A.


Good choice of inventory, Omar!

Ellen loved the 2 piece Africa map outfit. We went to a dance, and she received many, many compliments from both men and women.

Peter Jederman – Germany

I just received my shipment and I am very happy with the cotton kaftan I purchased. I attended a wedding last Saturday and I was wearing it, and there were lots of complements and sweet comments of how nice and original it was.

I had many people asked me from where did I get it so I told them and gave them your contact information including your website address. I wanted to thank you for all of your help and have a wonderful day.

Allan J. – United Emirates.


I wanted you to know that I received the bracelet today (just like you said). It is EXACTLY what I was hoping for, and I hope my sister-in-law loves it as much as I do.

Please let me know when you will be getting more in stock. I am looking to purchase at least 10 more of these bracelets

Jenifer G. – Stratford, CT – USA


My order arrived today in perfect condition. Boy that was fast! Thank you!!!!

… My daughter turned 30 last Sept and had been showing lines around her eyes. She used the Shea butter and with in a matter of days the wrinkles were gone! Yesterday I turned 55 and nobody believes it. Thanks to the Shea butter!

LV – Lethbridge, Alberta – Canada


After having babies my breasts were saggy and had stretch marks. My mom recommended I use Shea Butter. She is diabetic and her doctor recommended she use it on her feet and other areas where she had skin problems. It worked for her so I tried it. After a few weeks of using Shea Butter my breasts are firmer and all my stretch marks are disappearing. Shea Butter works amazingly well for us.

Fatou J, Vancouver, BC – Canada


“Hello, almost a year ago I got my cartilage pierced (the top part of your ear) and it had never really been problem free. I often have trouble with my regular pierced ears and the cartilage has always been irritated. No amount of alcohol etc. has helped. My mom had bought some Shea Butter and suggested I put some on it. The next morning they felt better already – I couldn’t believe it!! I also put it on an area of my chin that just wouldn’t heal up and it is getting better every day too. We use it for all sorts of things now, it really is amazing. My mom also says Omar is very very kind, friendly and helpful. The store has lots of other beautiful things too!”

KP, Abbotsford, BC – Canada


I am 53 years old and started to use Shea Butter six weeks ago. I had immediate results with diminishing lines around my eyes, lips, neck, and chest. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars on other skin care products, and have better results with Shea Butter. I also use the Shea Butter on my elbows, hands, heels, and in my hair. My hair is like silk. Shea Butter is an awesome product.

Doreen Hartley, Hartley International Nail & Gift Products.

I bought some Shea Butter from you a few weeks ago. I had a bad burn on my hand from a hot glue gun. It was painful. It has healed up beautifully…no pain and I have nice new skin on my hand. I have used the Shea butter all over my body and it is wonderful. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I am so happy with this product and I am telling all of my friends.

Ciao Anita – Delta, BC – Canada