Trade With A Touch of African Fairness

For those seeking connection to the cultures of Africa, we offer a variety of items to tempt your palate: masks, pictures, wall hangings, and batiks to decorate your walls and African teak, mahogany, and ebony furnishings to add spice to your home. Statues and ceremonial carvings are available to peek from your corners.

We have musical instruments and music to touch your soul, African fashion for comfort and to highlight your beauty, along with jewelry, purses and accessories to accent the exotic in you. We also carry aromas, incense, perfume oils, African shea butter, and African black soaps for all tastes.

Learn the meanings behind these works of art, and come journey with us through the history of Africa.

We welcome you.

All prices in Canadian dollars.

Looking to expand your business to Senegal, West Africa?

We can assist you in facilitating the business and licensing requirements for opening your business. We negotiate with government agencies and provide documentation so everything runs smoothly. We can outsource products from Africa into Canada or export into West Africa based on your requirements.

For more information please contact Touch of Africa at, or by phone at +1-604-568-8456.